About Us

Welcome to PromoCoupon.com.au – the home to working promo & coupon codes for the Aussie customer who loves to get the best value for the hard earned money. We are a small team of passionate coupon and voucher hunters in love with the idea of saving money! Check out all the best promo codes that are updated on daily basis for you to use.

A small team of passionate shopping lovers who love to shop a lot and save a lot. We love to shop both online and offline, especially shopping offline where you can touch, feel and try on the stuff you are buying.

On the flip side with more and more vendors going online and shopping online becoming the easy and convenient method of buying stuff, we realized there are more to it that convenience. All these vendors who sell online share a big deal of money by cutting down on store space, employees and other infrastructure. Slowly as the competition factor started to change, online sellers started offering part of their saved money back to the consumer in the form of discounts and vouchers.

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What Motivated and Continues to Drive us?

Liked we quoted above, that there are more and more coupons, vouchers and codes published nowadays to lure in more customers into online stores.And soon this phenomena, gave birth to a huge number of “Coupon Websites” too! Since then, Finding active working coupons has been the biggest challenge! Every website does have the coupons but most of which are to just get the customer hooked onto the click bait! This is why we wanted to start PromoCoupon.com.au – a simple, user-friendly, boutique, coupon website with only active, working coupons!

We love to hear from our users and always looking for ways to improve our service and platform. We are all ears!